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After the Meeting

The effectiveness of the meeting is determined by the results based on the decisions made during the meeting. Meeting management software automates the following tasks, helping organizations to achieve better results from their meetings and improving ROI on time spent during meetings.

Consolidating Meeting Notes

Often times notes are taken by various attendees, using different systems ranging from MS Word, niche based meeting minutes or note taking software tools and even a pen and paper. Combining the different notes is a difficult task for a note taker since attendees have varying styles of taking notes as well as the issue of repetitive data.

Meeting management software provides a consistent module for taking meeting notes based on the agenda topics that are being discussed. Having the ability to define a note taker and easily switch the note taker role to another attendee ensures that meeting notes are taken in a clear and consistent format. Meeting notes are also automatically logged in their correct order based on the selected agenda topic.

Creating the Meeting Minutes Document

Creating and formatting meeting minute’s takes time and accuracy, and often times is a cumbersome task. Traditional word processing software tools like MS Word are regularly used and there are several meeting minutes software tools on the market today. The fact remains that aside from a few bells meeting minutes creation is still a tedious manual process.

Meeting management software not only carries the meeting forward, it automats the creation and formatting of the meeting mites document. This allows organizations to streamline the meeting minutes process, saving time and money. With various templates and styles to choose from, meeting professionals can have a professionally formatted and detailed meeting minutes’ document with a few mouse clicks.

Distributing the Meeting Minutes

Ensuring that the attendees receive the minutes is a vital component for accountability. Standard processes cause a delay in the attendees receiving the minutes and in some organizations, deadlines are missed due to the delays. Although many organizations use standard email clients to distribute a Word document or PDF file to the attendees, there is still a margin for error. It is also important for security purposes that only the specific attendees that have the rights to view the minutes are actually the ones that are receiving them.

Meeting management software assists meeting professionals by automatically distributing the meeting minutes to the attendees that were at the meeting. This minimizes the time it takes for the conclusion of the meeting to when the attendees receive the minutes, helping to drive progress forward. With one-click creation of a formalized meeting minutes’ document, a user can then distribute a PDF version of the minutes to any additional colleagues as required.

Archiving Meeting Minutes

Making the meeting minutes accessible to employees is an important part of the meeting management process. With security playing a role, companies are forced to implement accessibility protocols to ensure that only workers with access rights are able to view past meeting minutes. This requires that the minutes be uploaded and organized in a logical manner on a shared access drive. Meeting management software takes the difficulty out of this process. With automated archiving through a permission system, requiring user login access, your data is safe and only accessible to the specified users.

This extends throughout the system and is the foundation for proper meeting management. With proprietary search and merge functions, users can search across multiple meetings and select topics, tasks, notes or decisions that are related to a specific search term and merge the results into one consolidated document. This makes the review process painless, leading to increased accountability and overall effectiveness. Don’t forget, users are only able to access information that they have been authorized to view, so data integrity is maintained from start to finish.

Following up on Tasks

Tasks are the corner stone of progress, and usually during a meeting there are lots of tasks being discussed and allocated. The tracking of these tasks falls on the manager to ensure that the assigns are on track with their assignments. Since there are numerous task tracking systems, often times the tasks assigned during a meeting are not properly enforced and slip through the cracks. As discussed earlier, Meeting management software allows meeting professional to assign and allocate tasks.

Users also have a personal Task tab which allows them to review and update the tasks that have been assigned to them. Since the tasks are stored along with the meeting minutes, it is easy for an assignee to locate their specific action items and find supporting information that they may need to complete the tasks. With automatic task reminders being sent out to the assignees, meeting management software takes the burden off of the manager and drives accountability to the assignees, empowering them to stay on top of their responsibilities.

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